Today the pipe industry mainly consists of PVC and PE pipes. Traditionally pipe recycling was done in one step with granulators, this is still a common practice on thinner PVC and to a lesser extent PE pipes.


Advances in engineering create stronger compounds and improved extrusion lines mean that pipe diameters are getting bigger and walls thicker...this makes the use of granulators difficult. The power consumption when crushing thick walled, large diameter pipes in a granulator is too high and makes the use of granulators uneconomical.

That's why ZERMA introduced the ZRS pipe shredder, with it ZERMA offers a two step solution to achieve a granule from uncut pipes. The ZRS series of shredders can process pipes of up to 8 m length, the pipes are fed into a horizontal feeding trough and forced into the rotor by a hydraulic piston. The shredded material is then fed into a granulator to be ground down to the required granule size. If required ZERMA also offers the third step to create powder from the PVC pipes that can be immediately reused to make new pipes.

The use of a slow speed high torque shredder allows the processing of thick walled pipes and even purgings without high amperage peaks. The whole system consisting of two or three steps is controlled and monitored by an advanced PLC from a central operator panel. This ensures that the load is balanced and the system will always be running smooth at the best possible capacity.

The ZRS shredders come in 3 sizes with 800, 1000 and 1500 mm rotors. The biggest model can be used for pipe diameter of up to 1300 mm. The ZRS 800 shredder is designed to fit into smaller facilities and uses a shorter feeding trough for pipe up to 630 mm diameter and 3.5 meters length.

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