Due to the increasing number of cars and trucks all over the world, used tires are available in large quantities and are extremely cheap. With a bit of clever recycling, you can get a whole lot out of used tires: granule in various final grain sizes, iron and profit.


This is because processed rubber is becoming more and more acceptable on the market due to increasing raw material prices. The sales income naturally depends on the quality of the output material and the pricing structure depends on processing that is as efficient as possible.

For this purpose, ZERMA has designed a three-stage processing principle (shredding, granulating), which ultimately produces very high-quality final materials. That could be shreds used as fuel for burning predominantly in the cement industry or rubber granules between 1 and 4 millimetres for various applications.

We modified our well-proven ZXS Shredder. The ZXS 'T' can shred tyres of up to Ø 1500mm into shreds of approx. 150mm – 300 mm. These shreds are discharged and transferred to the 2nd step shredder called ZTTS.
This shredder is then shredding the rubber shreds into pieces of less than 20 mm. This step helps to separate the tire rubber from the steel and fibres. A combination of cross belt magnetic separators, magnetic drums and suction systems helps to split the various factions at this stage in the process.
During metal separation we can take out about 99% of the total iron content. The steel free granule can than be packed and used as refuse derived fuel or transferred to our 2nd stage granulating process using our Heavy Duty GSH granulators.

If you would like to know more about the ZTS Tire shredder or ZERMA size reduction technologies contact your local ZERMA agent or send us an online inquiry.

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